Reiki Heealing for You and Your Loved Ones,




Reiki for People

You are always fully clothed, sitting in a chair or lying on a treatment table or hospital bed, whatever is most comfortable and appropriate for the situation. And you don't have to do anything. Just enjoy the experience.

Sally gently places her hands in different positions on your body, but the hands are not manipulated as in massage. She may or may not use set hand positions, but she will explain where the hands are going to be placed so you know what to expect and can relax easily. And you can request that she focus on a certain area.

If you are not comfortable being touched, Sally can hold her hands slightly above you or stand a short distance away from you, whatever is most comfortable for you. 

The ultimate experience is an hour-long session at a healing center, but Reiki may be performed anywhere, including hospitals and other care facilities.   

Reiki for Animals

Animals like Reiki too! They also respond by becoming deeply relaxed, but Reiki for animals is usually not hands-on. In Sally's experience, animals often prefer not to be very close; if they want hands-on Reiki, they come up to her. 

Reiki is safe, gentle, and noninvasive. And it can be used as a complement to veterinary care but Reiki is never a substitute for veterinary care. So if your companion animal is not feeling well, contact your vet. Then after seeing him or her, schedule a Reiki session to support the medical treatment that they prescribe.

Sally prefers that your companion animals be confined (such as room, house, corral) but not restrained so they are free to find a spot where they are most comfortable. And so they can walk away when they're done. This may vary from 5 minutes to an hour. We can't schedule animals like people; they decide.

Sally tries to ascertain if your companion animal is interested before she makes a visit. However, if they have a change of heart, there is still a charge for the visit. Sally does not give Reiki without permission of your companion animal and you, their guardian(s).    


Sally always asks permission before offering Reiki. For someone who can't respond, she will ask permission of their next of kin or the person making their medical decisions. For a child, she will ask permission of all parents. For a companion animal, she will ask permission of the animal and their guardian(s). 

Hospital Reiki

Being a patient is stressful. Having a loved one in the hospital is stressful. To help you deal with these challenges, Sally offers Reiki to patients and their family, friends, and staff at hospital, nursing home, hospice, and other care facilities. 

In a hospital setting, Sally practices medical (clinical) Reiki. She has eight years experience as a volunteer - a little over a year at University Medical Center (critical care, oncology) and seven years at the VA Hospital (intermediate care, hospice). She is comfortable working around lines, tubes, ports, and machines that beep, and she observes infection control protocol. However, she may choose not to enter a room depending on the protocol.  

Distance Reiki

Reiki can be sent anywhere - across the room, across the corral, across town, or across the globe. Sally has sent Reiki across Tucson as well as to Portland, San Francisco, and Mexico City.